“Amphibian”, in Baldhip Magazine

‘you arrive in a city where you have reason
to believe your other self has relocated’…

Photo credit: Baldhip Magazine

My poem, “Amphibian“, has been published in the sixth issue of the Victoria, British Columbia-based multi-arts magazine, Baldhip. Read the full issue here.

CaptureMy thanks to Caitlin Baird and Jess Knowles for their feedback.

CaptureIf you would like to support Baldhip, you can do so through their donation page.

CaptureHappy leap day, lily padders!


    1. Thanks Albert! I am incredibly thankful for your support! It truly means a lot.

      This is a revision on a piece from well over a year ago and my style has since changed in some pretty cerebral ways, but I was so happy to be able to revisit, rework (with helpful editing advice, I might add) and release this piece into the world. Much more to come; I promise. And thank you again for following my work.

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