I am a fiction writer and poet with a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria. This site is agnostic on subject matter, and is meant to be a kind of written matrix of my personality and interests, fleeting or cemented. I love (video)games, for example, and always have, both for their mentally and mechanically stimulative properties, and their narrative potential which is realized more and more every year. So I write about those, and about books (a lot about books), and anything else which alights my interest.

As this site does not fill a specific niche, I expect many of you will only visit for a singular reason, be it for my thoughts on games, fiction or otherwise. But I will be interested to hear if any of your reading in one area bleeds over to others, perhaps on subjects you normally eschew, and the effect of this. Please be as vocal as you like in the comments, share your thoughts, what you agree on or do not, and feel free generally to engage. Although this site is an expression of myself, by myself, I would hate for it to become a vacuum. So I look forward to engaging with all of you here and elsewhere, of which, fortunately, the internet is simultaneously both.

Expect, in the (somewhat) near future, essays, interviews, crossposts, guest posts, and more to thread their way into this site’s fabric. Until then, I hope you enjoy the present offerings, and thanks for stopping in!

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